On December 3rd, coinciding with #GivingTuesday 2019 – a day when we are called to give back – Javi presented the project The Social Water “the solution fits in in the palm of your hand”, in magazine: + Torremolinos, a local television program of the municipality of Malaga which talks about current events.

The latest project of Travel, Enjoy and Help.

During the interview, our partner Javi had the opportunity to talk in detail about what the filters can do, demonstrating live the instant benefits offered by filters which The Social Water distributes.

The main problem arises in the final price of filters, which is unaffordable in most cases for families who need them most, especially given the high transport and import costs. For this reason, today the project tries to seek financing to assume these costs and offer the possibility of acquiring these powerful filters at cost price anywhere in the world.

“(…) it is a particularly powerful tool, for people who are in very remote areas, where they do not have access to quality water”

“capable of removing 99.9 of the bacteria, viruses, and impurities that water may have… microplastics, everything remains in the filter, making the water instantly safe.”

“(…) what we want to do is make it available to those families at a very low price”.

Currently, the final price of filters is the problem…

Javi reported that the dynamics of the project have now changed. In the pilot phase last year, called #AportaTuGotaEC, they raised the funds to buy the filters to deliver to families, but this year the goal is to start a socially-conscious enterprise to create an online store.

Anyone can collaborate in this initial phase by means of a donation so that in a few months the onlinestore can be launched.

“People buying a filter will be helping families on the other side of the world.”

“Through the socially-conscious online store, 100% of what is raised is going to be invested in lowering those costs.”

“What we want is for families who need it to be able to buy it at cost.”

If a filter costs $7 in China, it should cost $7 anywhere in the world… in Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico – countries where distribution is expected to begin.

In addition, Javi highlighted three points related to the sustainability of this project:

  • Greater accessibility: it is possible to have water nearby simply by filtering rainwater.
  • Lowering costs: eliminating expenses such as having to buy the coal needed to boil the water.
  • Respect for the environment: limiting waste generated by bottled water.

You can watch the full interview here: