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A solidarity way to get to know the world within easy reach:

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How to help?

Where to help?

Registered organizations


How can you help?

Small actions can lead to big changes.

Travel, Enjoy and Help collaborate in different ways depending on the nature of the project:

1. Making known Organizations with low resources with needs such as: short-term or long-term volunteering, material help, etc.

2. Initiatives that may include charity events or crowdfunding campaigns, for example.

As you can see you can collaborate in many ways since we are talking as a collaborative and global project. Below is a list of the different forms of help.


Collaborating on your travels with one of the organizations that need help. Helping the spread of the project, detecting new needs…


Making ourselves known among your audience, proposing some joint project, linking our organizations in your articles…


Supporting, materially or economically, some of the initiatives or actions that are related to your philosophy. Making it easier for others to help by offering discounts on your products or services


Supporting projects with similar objectives, spreading in networks, sharing contacts…


If you have something that is needed in any of the requests and you want to deliver it, but you can’t do it yourself, contact us and let us help you

Virtual Volunteering

If you know about social media, web design, photography, video editing or speaks several languages, you can contribute your knowledge by performing a virtual volunteer, to help us reach more people

Whether you’re traveling or not, you have different initiatives where you can choose how you want to improve the world.

But we are sure that there are many more, so if you can think of any other, please tell us through the
form, it will be very useful.

For a project like ours, all help is small.

Where Can You Help?

A better world is possible with your help.

The organizations listed in Travel, Enjoy and Help are real, as they have been visited in person by an NGO contributor.

All of them need our help; and all of them comply with the ESS seal, which guarantees that the projects are Ethical, Safe and Sustainable. In this way we ensure one of the biggest fears of volunteers, which is the reliability of the projects.

We help you find easily and quickly that project that best suits you. So you can get into the action and start contributing your grain of sand.

What cause and country are you interested in?

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Travel, Enjoy, and Help’s own projects.

In addition to occasional volunteer efforts and visits to organizations, we carry out end-to-end projects in initiatives in which we can contribute to the cause and make a difference.

These projects may include:

Organization of Charity Events

Crowdfunding campaigns


Media tours

Documentary filmmaking

Current Project


We are going to create a distribution system for water purifying filters, which is socially responsible, transparent and fair; and allows communities suffering due to the water crisis around the world to access these filters at an available price.

Learn more about the project

Previous Projects

What’s new in the Travel, Enjoy and Help Blog

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Why did I decide to help while traveling?

There comes a moment when you realize just how lucky you are. A moment when you understand that not everyone in the world has the same opportunities. A moment when you decide that you want to do something about it. In my case, I decided to help while traveling, and in this post, I will explain why.

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Interview in Buenas Tardes Málaga

The coming 3rd of December we celebrate #GivingTuesday , a day for giving. To spread awareness for this event, Javi participated in the program Good Afternoon Málaga, of the radio station COPE, one of Spain's main broadcasting stations. During the interview, he also...

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You’ve seen us at:

When many different people all over the world each make even a small effort:

We can change the world.

And so: Travel, Enjoy and Help

Our Collaborators and Sponsors

Travel, Enjoy, and Help is a collaborative, non-denominational, apolitical, not-for-profit project.

However, we count on the support of the following collaborating companies which make our and our volunteers’ daily efforts easier.

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