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Would you like to learn how to travel in a more socially caring way?

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In Travel, Enjoy, and Help there are many socially beneficial projects in various areas throughout the world, which you could collaborate with directly.

All the organizations that appear in our platform are real, and have been personally inspected by one of the NGO’s collaborators; and meet with our ESS standards which ensure that these projects are Ethical, Safe and Sustainable, and therefore you have our guarantee that they are trustworthy.

The organizations are classified by country, but they can also be filtered by the type of aid they need.

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But your collaboration with Travel, Enjoy, and Help and can go even further.

For example, you can help us by:

Social media

Sharing our project on your social media so that more people will become familiar with our platform and the projects that we are working on.


Starting a fundraiser for your birthday (or at any moment) on Facebook. The funds raised will be used for the project that you chose.


New Organizations

If you have already worked on a project that you believe should appear in our platform, you can fill out an inscription form so we may consider it.

Generating Content

Do you have any sort of volunteer experience, be it positive or negative, that you wish to share? You can write an article for our blog so that more people can learn about your experience.

Join Us

Would you like to take part in Travel, Enjoy, and Help? Please go to the Teams page and see who we are and what we do. Who knows? You might be interested in being part of our team.

Virtual Volunteering

If you know anything about web page design, social media, graphic design, video editing or content generation, you can help us without ever leaving your house.

When many different people all over the world each make even a small effort:

We can change the world.

And so: Travel, Enjoy and Help

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