How can you help?


Learn ways to support us

How can you help?

Small actions can lead to big changes.

Travell, enjoy and Help give different support according to the nature of the project:

1. Supporting and publicizing organizations with limited resources: short or long term volunteer work, material help and more.

2. Activities such as benefit events, crowdfunding campaigns and others.

It’s a global and cooperative project where you can colaborate in many different ways. See all things you can do to help us:


Collaborating on your trips with organizations that need help. Promoting the project, detecting new needs and others.


Letting us know to your audience, proposing a joint project, linking our organization in your posts and others.


Donating material or funds in any initiative or action aligned with our philosophy. Offering discounts in your products or services making easier that other people can help.


Supporting projects with similar goals, giving visibility in social networks, sharing contacts and others.


If you have something that is needed in any of our requests but you can’t deliver it, just contact us and we will help you.

Virtual Volunteering

If you know about social networks, web design, photography, video edition or you speak several languages, you can contribute with your knowledgde by doing a virtual volunteer helping us to reach more people.

Choose the way you want to improve the world, whether you are travelling or not.

If you think on others ways to help, don’t hesitate to tell us. Please fill the contact form, it will be very helpful.

For this project, any help is very welcomed.

When many people all over the world make many small efforts:

We can change the world.

For this reason: Travel, Enjoy and Help

Any doubts?

Don’t be shy…ask.
We will answer as soon as possible.