Virtual volunteering


You can help us grow without moving from home

First of all… THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking on helping in our project.

Our Volunteer Team is made up of people working from different corners of the world: Mexico, England, Spain or Costa Rica; so to be able to collaborate all you need is knowledge, internet and some time.

Creating quality content and web functionality is critical to extending the reach of our platform. Besides, in some of the projects we also offer to improve the visibility of their own website.

This requires occasional assistance in the following areas:

Graphic design


Web design

Social media

Video editing

Google Ads


Content creation

Email Marketing

If you feel like participating in a social and dynamic project, in which you can check the result of your collaboration, do not hesitate and fill out the registration form, in which you can see more details about our projects:

When many different people all over the world each make even a small effort:

We can change the world.

And so: Travel, Enjoy and Help

Any doubts?

Don’t be shy…ask.
We will answer you as soon as possible.