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The Social Water Campaign

We are raising funds to launch our project, The Social Water, with which we want to help millions of people in their daily struggle against the water crisis.

Therefore, we have timed the launch of our campaign to coincide with #GivingTuesday

You can help us by donating to and/or sharing our campaign with your followers so we can reach more people who might be interested in helping out.

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Javi, the founder of Travel, Enjoy, and Help, is participating in a competition of socially beneficial projects, where the best initiatives, as well as the most inspiring stories behind the projects, are judged.

One of the prizes is for the story that receives the most likes, so if you like his story, you can help us by liking it and/or sharing it in your social media.

Links to supportive affiliates.

We have set up a partnership with Wapsi, a socially supportive platform, thanks to whom we will receive membership fees from the main tourism companies. From airlines to hotel reservation call centers.

You can also help by foregoing the commission on some of your articles substituting the links that you have already set up, adding them to some new ones or adding links to companies that you are not affiliated with.

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